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Selecting the right IP Camera for you

IP cameras are very popular in video data capture and processing. IP stands for Internet Protocol, but these electronic devices are more popular as network cameras, webcams, or CCTV cameras. They are used in homes, offices, vehicles, and public places. IP cameras come in basic units, right up to complex multi-channel security systems with advanced built-in software. In order to understand how IP cameras work, consumers should consider the applications for the devices, as well as video data capture and resolution.

Applications for IP Cameras

Unlike USB web cameras that run only when plugged into a computer on the network with the required software, IP cameras connect directly to the network with no dependence on any other device. Some models even get their power supply through the network using Power over Ethernet (PoE) chargers. Built-in software, such as motion alert notification via SMS or email, makes these devices much more advanced than regular video cameras. With a home surveillance IP camera, parents can keep an eye on their kids from outside the home. IP cameras enable remote viewing to anyone connected to the network, without compromising on security. Smartphone users can monitor multiple camera feeds while on the go.

Process of Data Capture and Transmission

IP cameras connect to a network of electronic devices, which could be the local area network (LAN) at home, the wide area network (WAN) at the office, or the Internet at large. IP cameras have either a wired or wireless connection, with the latter preferred for flexibility and convenience. The camera functions properly from any location, as long as the device stays within the network’s range. Most IP cameras have a dedicated memory source to store the video data captured, but it may store memory by connecting directly to the network or live web streaming over the Internet. IP cameras capture digital video data like a regular video camera, and then send it to other devices on the network.

Video Data Resolution

IP cameras capture data in a range of resolutions. High-definition (HD) video data is possible in megapixels, as 720P or 1080P formats.

Advanced Features of IP Cameras

Waterproof IP cameras are safe to use outdoors. Motion-enabled recording brings about minimal wastage of valuable memory space on the hard drive, because the camera starts capturing data only when the device detects movement. A configurable mask can be set for constant movement in the range of the camera, so that it only picks up unexpected motion. The overall appearance of modern IP cameras is more discreet and easy to install.

Buying IP Cameras Online

IP cameras are easy electronic gadgets to find online. Search for a product based on the application, technical specifications of the network, and connectivity. Use the category filters to narrow down the results according to your budget. Read the item description for a comprehensive list of the manufacturer’s technical device specifications.

IP cameras have various residential and commercial applications for secure video transmission. IP cameras either have wired or wireless connections, and are used both indoors and outdoors, during the day and at night. Their remote access gives users peace of mind; they can watch footage in and around their homes or businesses even while away from the properties. With the holidays  fast approaching, now is the time to start securing your home or office with your own security cameras which are now reasonably priced and are easy to set-up for the home user.

Reasons to invest in Surveillance at the Workplace

Efficient Time Management

Surveillance in the work environment can improve productivity. The data collected regarding employees’ computer use, for example, can help employers migrate the time employees spend on non-work browsing and emailing to more productive uses. Specific knowledge, gleaned through computer monitoring software, gives employers the ability to institute policies that focus on problem areas. If monitoring reveals that workers are shopping online or socializing on Facebook during work time, management can specifically restrict these practices through the use of software filters that block access to specific sites.

Loss Prevention

Employers can protect their business assets through monitoring of the workplace. From relatively minor theft, such as a worker slipping a box of paper clips into her purse to more substantial incidents, such as an employee selling proprietary company information to a competitor, contemporary surveillance tools heighten management’s ability to safeguard company assets. Thanks to high-tech forensics, even incriminating memos or emails that an employee has deleted from the office computer are recoverable for use as evidence of wrongdoing.

Improved Employee Performance

AMA reports that 84 percent of employers surveyed who use surveillance systems said they inform employees that their computer use and email are being monitored. About 78 percent who utilize anti-theft surveillance let employees know about it, while 89 percent inform workers of video performance monitoring. While this may seem counterintuitive for those trying to catch employees misbehaving, it actually gives workers the chance to be more responsible and productive on the job. The knowledge that the employer is watching at all times can, in itself, inspire better performance and improve productivity without the need for unpleasant confrontations.

Lack of Widespread Regulation

The lack of federal and consistent state regulation of workplace surveillance simplifies legal issues for employers who wish to keep an eye on their employees. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse organization says that while workplace monitoring “is virtually unregulated,” some states, such as Connecticut, have established laws that restrict the ways in which businesses monitor their workers. Also, labor unions have the right to negotiate employee privacy issues with employers, according to the 1997 National Labor Relations Board ruling that surveillance is a topic subject to mandatory bargaining.

Improving your Home Security

How to Improve Home Security While You’re Away:

The typical family spends an average of 6-10 hours away from home every day. Kids are at school, parents are working, and the house is empty. On top of that, there are vacations, holiday trips, and other miscellaneous events that will take you out of your home each year. This is when the majority of all burglaries occur. About 30% of all burglaries are done through an open or unlocked door or window. Be sure your doors and windows are closed and locked when you leave the house — every time! Don’t leave a note on your door announcing you’re not home.

Years ago, before cell phone technology, people would leave a note on their door to let a deliveryman, friend or neighbor know they were gone and when they’d be back. It doesn’t happen as much anymore, but don’t be tempted to do it. Also, don’t leave a note saying “we’re out back” or “I’m in the garden”. Burglars will get into your home through an unlocked door, rob you blind, and get out without you ever knowing it until you go back inside. When you’re away on vacation, there are a number of things that can keep your house from looking so empty: Have a neighbor get your mail and check on your home. Give someone you trust a key to your home so they can get your mail every day or two and pick up any papers that you might get. Burglars take note of things like papers piling up or mailboxes that won’t close because there’s too much mail in them (and often, they’ll take the mail, too, looking for checks). Offer your house-sitter a mid-day snack in exchange for them hanging around for an hour or so.

If someone is watching your house when your friend comes by, sees them get the mail, go in, and immediately leave, that’s still a red flag that your house is empty. Likewise, don’t leave your garbage can at the road for pickup unless you ask your neighbor to bring it in for you after the trash truck has run. A garbage can left at the road for days at a time is a sure sign of an empty house, too. Set your lights on a timer. Buy a few timers that plug into your wall outlet to plug a few lamps and maybe a radio into. Lights going on and off throughout the house with a little noise will give the illusion that someone is there, and thieves will be less likely to target your home. You can actually pick up some programmable power strips that will turn certain outlets on and off randomly so no patterns are established, thus making it harder for a burglar to know anything. Close your blinds and curtains. If it’s hard to see into your house, it’s hard to know if someone is home. Coupled with the lights on timers, nobody will ever know if you’re there. Don’t broadcast your vacation on social media. This happens way too much.

I understand you’re excited to share your vacation photos with your friends online, but what you don’t realize is at least one of those extra 400 people on your friends list may not be as good of a friend as you’d like to think. They see you’re out of town (and possibly even out of country), they know where you live, and they take advantage of that information. Don’t announce that you’re going on vacation and don’t post a bunch of pics while you’re on vacation. Wait until you get back if you want to share. Improving Security While You’re at Home: Most burglars won’t attempt to rob your house if they know you’re at home, but you should still stay alert! That guy walking up your driveway that looks like a salesman may be ready to put a gun to your head.

Maybe not, but stay on your toes anyway. Also, if you’re outside and you see a car drive by or someone walking through the neighborhood, stop, look and wave! You’ll learn who lives in your neighborhood by their face and the car they drive (and might even make a new friend). Once you learn who lives in your neighborhood, you’ll learn who doesn’t belong. If a burglar drives slowly through your neighborhood, and nobody turns a head, they’ll keep doing it to find the perfect house — and may hit multiple houses in the same night (or day). When you’re settling in for the night, be sure to lock all of your windows. If you tend to open your windows through the day in the spring, autumn or any other time of year, be sure to close and lock them at night. You might even invest in some adjustable window security bars that keep your windows from opening by locking into the window frame. When you’ve decided you don’t need to go outside any more for the evening, go ahead and engage all the locks on the door. You can even install one-way deadbolts on your doors. These don’t have an outside plate, so from the outside, you’d never know there was a lock, and you definitely can’t access it.

Not enough security for you? Use one of these “door jammers” to help keep your door closed. Also, remember to block your patio doors from opening by laying a board or pipe down in the track. If you have a garage, engage the manual locks on your garage doors. If you don’t have them, you can buy side-mounted indoor locks and install them for some additional security just in case a burglar gets by your electronic garage-door opener. Another tip is to frost, glaze or otherwise cover your garage windows so burglars can’t see in to tell if your car is gone or not. You can do this with a simple can of glass frosting spray — and it’s quick and easy! Install a peephole in the door separating the house from the garage.

If you hear suspicious sounds, you can check without opening the door. Holiday Home Security Tips: Don’t let your trash give you away! When you make a major purchase, don’t leave the big box out by the curb for pickup — it’s a huge red flag for burglars. Break the box down with a razor knife and put it into a garbage bag (preferably an opaque dark colored one so nobody can see anything inside the bag).

While it’s tradition to open your blinds and curtains to show off your Christmas trees and decorations, I’ll repeat what I said earlier — keep them closed! With your blinds and curtains wide open and your whole house lit up with Christmas lights and displays, it becomes even easier for a burglar to see into your home. If you’re going to display your lights, only do it while you’re at home and awake! General Tips for Better Home Security: Break into your own home. You should know where your house is most vulnerable, so try to exploit that. If you are successful in breaking in, imagine how much easier it would have been for a professional burglar. Now take that knowledge and fortify that area.


Follow our Step to step inquiry for more details regarding the security solutions offered by Eller Security.

Reasons why you need to get an escort

We are conscious of the security concerns of Very Important Persons (VIP) because of their statuses and importance. Dealing with overwhelming security risk that comes with the presence of VIPs, we offer special protection for celebrities, Heads of State or Government, major business leaders, politicians, high profile individuals and politically-exposed families of public servants and other important persons who require special protection.

The provision of close protection is one of our areas of competence. We have a special team of well-motivated and fit-for-purpose personnel with extensive close protection experiences available for deployment for such specialized services. This crack team is made of people of high intelligence, confidence, ethics, and discipline, modesty, reliability, alertness, good nature, well groomed and well spoken with keen-eyed disposition to all assignments.

They are adequately schooled in surveillance awareness, medical assistance or first-aid, Law and Legislation, currency handling, protocol, operational planning, threat and risk assessment, crowd control, communication and conflict management skills, Interpersonal skills, firearm skills, chauffeuring and navigation in different means of transportation as well as streetwise to cope in whatever circumstance. They provide finest treatment with premium dedication in specialized Meet and Greet services available to our clients with top-notch professionalism. Our representatives provide air-side assistance by meeting VIPs at the arrival and departure lounges and provide support through customs and immigration for passport clearance and luggage collection from airline and airport authorities to avoid inconveniences and security threats in crowded terminals.

Our escort service can reduce your insurance premiums and ensure the well being of your team. In circumstances where no alternative means of secure movement is available and you have concerns, you can rely on our eagle-eyed escort team of man and machine to take you safely to your destinations. Our Officers also provide assistance with visits to unmanned locations and other sites where employees may be at risk. We dispense these functions with a keen interest in the safety of mankind on utmost confidentiality.

Growing need for thorough corpotate investigation


In today’s complex work environment, it is almost inevitable that employers will face the need to conduct a workplace investigation at some point in time. A thorough investigation will uncover the truth behind an allegation, determine the most appropriate response, and help mitigate the risk of an employment lawsuit.

What is a Workplace Investigation?

An investigation is a fact-finding action used to discover what has occurred during an event. Whether facts of an incident are clearly known or are merely rumors or suspicions, management must be able to support their position with clear and specific facts that are collected during an investigation. Human resources should consistently remind management: never act on rumors; always get the facts first.

Despite the potential cost, distraction or discomfort, conducting a thorough investigation holds several benefits:

Information uncovered may be the basis for changes in policy
Investigations may uncover information that would prompt an organization to rethink and modify corporate policies or procedures. This is especially common in safety investigations.

Evidence to support decisions made after the investigation
Investigations are critical in the decision-making process of a company, because the information uncovered will prompt management to move in the right direction, allowing them document no wrong-doing and close the investigation, or take disciplinary action as needed.

Documentation of “good faith” intent of an employer
If the subject of an investigation is regarding any unlawful behavior such as harassment, discrimination or retaliation, a solid and thorough investigation is a formidable defense for an organization. It demonstrates the good faith intentions of the employer in maintain a safe and compliant workplace environment.

When is an investigation necessary?

Whenever someone or something is harmed or threatened by an organization’s operations, management has a duty to investigate. Causes can be mechanical, corporate policies, the physical work environment, or other employees. A company has a duty to provide its staff as safe a work-environment as reasonably possible. Therefore, management cannot be passive and wait for an employee to step forward with problems or concerns. It is expected to be alert, to observe the workplace and to take the appropriate steps by launching an investigation if there is a suspicion that problems or issues may exist.

Through repeated court decisions, management’s duty to respond is clear. Not only must they take a proactive stance, but even the victim employee cannot prevent them from taking the necessary actions.

“Under federal law, an employer’s failure to investigate may allow a jury to impose liability on the employer. Once higher management has notice of the problem it may later face civil liability if it fails to look into the problem and act to prevent recurrence or expansion.” [Lawroom.com]

Investigations come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Sometimes they require a minimal amount of research, such as verifying tardies or absences. Other incidents require more action, such as providing evidence of poor job performance. In more serious cases, when there is a suspicion of illegal activities, more formal investigations are necessary. This can include violence or threats of violence, suspicion of substance abuse, on the job injuries, and claims of discrimination or harassment.

In our next post, we will review the eight steps that create the framework for a formal, legal and effective workplace investigation.

Why choose Eller Security

We believe Safety cannot be left to chance, which is why our company is a proud frontier in offering superior safety solutions. Our services not only allow us the opportunity to keep our clients assets and lives safe, but also contributes to the goal of a free and safe South Africa.

For over the years, we have consistently set the benchmark in specialised security services. This has been achieved through a determination to provide security services of the highest possible standards, which are carried out by a diligent and  well trained and security team of professional security guards and in-house technology experts.

While we are always willing to use the experience of the past, we successfully combine it with the needs of the present to give an unrivalled level of service that always delivers satisfaction and value for money. It’s why our customers stay with us and our employees are proud to work for us.

This is what makes us different:

  • Creating Value and High level of service

Following a careful analysis of your assets, potential threats and vulnerabilities, we take the time to bring definable value that contributes to your success. Through that, the level of service we offer to you has to be of high standard as we are higly vigilant of souroundings and every little movement happening around your property. This is value for money.

  • Our role as security specialists

Security is quite unlike any other service that companies have to procure and there is significant peace of mind to be gained from knowing that a trained and qualified security specialist is on hand to deal with any situation. That’s why we specialise in three key areas of security: guarding, monitoring and consultancy.

  • We Listen to Your Needs

Another advantage of being privately owned, locally based and consistently staffed is the ability to offer one-on-one attention. We’ll sit down with you to understand your needs, assess your vulnerabilities, and recommend the best response with a program that meets your security, public relations and budget objectives. We can also respond immediately to any problems or changes in your needs.

  • Decisions made quickly and effectively

We understand that everything is time and time cannot be consumed or wasted on things that do not matter. Whatever decisions that needs to be taken regarding our very own employees or valuable customers, we take it quickly and make sure it has effective results.

  • Faster response time.

Safety cannot be left to chance, that is what we believe in, therefore we cannot take time to arrive whenever you need us. Our daily patrols makes our response to your security needs swift.

  • Cost effective solutions

Instead of using a rigid, standard rate sheet, we evaluate the individual needs of each potential client prior to preparing an actual security proposal. We consider all of the variables, including the complexity of your needs, geographic location, your budget objectives, duration and volume of service, and more. Once we understand your individual needs, we will prepare a comprehensive proposal along with a proposed hourly bill rate for our services. And this evaluation service is absolutely free.

  • Our people

Everyone matters to us  and we know that the service we provide is only as good as our people. By continually investing in our employees we ensure that they are given the requisite knowledge and skills to enhance their careers and provide unrivalled levels of service. This ‘circle of care’ is one of the reasons why we enjoy the best levels of staff retention in the industry.

  • Our ownership structure

Unlike other security companies, which are driven purely by the need to generate profit but we also promoting black empowerment and providing job  opportunities. As such, we are able to take a long-term view of our business and ensure that any added value that we generate is reinvested into our operation to better serve our customers.

  • Our ability to innovate and Years of service excellence.

The secret to our longevity is our ability to move with the times and pioneer new ways of providing security services. Our attitude towards embracing the very latest, best-in-class technology is exemplified in the state-of-the art security systems which is widely acknowledged as the leading facility of its kind in the industry. We have been in this industry for a long time because of our excellent and outstanding service we give our clients.

  • We Do What We Say

Success in the security business is in the details. We recognize this and take the time to develop a quality assurance system which ensures the integrity of your security system, and have the analytics to prove it.

Safety of your business is our business


Securing your office space

As the owner of your business you probably also wear the hat of chief security officer. As such, it’s important to keep the Boy Scout motto in mind and always “Be Prepared!” If you use common sense and a little planning, you can keep yourself and your business safe.

One very basic principle for any business is to secure all doors and windows before you leave the building. This may seem like a no-brainer, but employees have been known to forget from time to time. It is also wise to lock yourself inside the building if you or your employees need to work late into the night.

Since criminals tend to case out a building before breaking in, be sure you know everyone who steps foot inside your office. Post a “No Solicitation” sign and enforce it, only allowing people associated with your business to enter.

Having an alarm system is not only a good idea but a good investment. You can purchase a quality alarm system with a motion detector for only a few hundred dollars. Proudly post the signs that come with the system, letting would-be thieves know you are protected. You can monitor the alarm yourself or hire a company to monitor it for you.

Employee access

If your small business has a number of employees, only give trusted, long term employees keys to the building. Consider spending a little more to invest in a lock mechanism where all copies of the keys must be authorized by you and locksmiths won’t make copies without authorization. And if anyone loses a key to your building, spend the money to have the locks rekeyed.

If an employee is terminated, take proper precautions to protect your business. Each employee should have a unique password for the alarm panel and computer access, so you can easily delete their codes when needed. Otherwise, a disgruntled ex-employee could become security risk.

Safe safety

If you have any confidential client information or valuable assets you must keep in your office, you’ll need a good safe. Keep in mind that if you don’t follow some common sense rules, even a safe can be easily broken into. Here are some basic tips:

  • Find a good spot for your safe, keeping it out of sight. Place it so that it isn’t visible from any window or areas accessible to clients.
  • Don’t put your safe against a wall shared with another business or the outside. If that wall is smashed, the safe can be pulled out from the other side.
  • Use random numbers for the combination, ones that aren’t linked to dates associated with your business or life. And never write the number down. Memorize it.
  • Invest in a heavy safe with thick walls. And if possible, bolt it to the floor.
  • Limit the number of people who can access your safe to the bare minimum. Ideally, you would be the only one with the combination.

Cyber security

Your computer passwords are the high tech padlock holding off would-be cyber criminals from hacking into your vital accounts and databases.

Lists of the most common passwords are  lists are commonly posted on the internet. “123456” and “password” war back and forth for the top spot. Needless to say, these aren’t good choices. Neither are other popular choices, such as “qwerty,” “baseball,” or “dragon.”

Although the best passwords have no pattern, most people don’t want to memorize a long string of random characters. If you fall into that category, here are a few tricks you can use to create a secure password that isn’t hard to remember.

Consider turning letters into numbers. For instance, the number 1 can be substituted for an “L” or the number 3 can be put in place of an “E.” Zero works for “O” and 5 can take the place of an “S.”

Next, it’s a good plan to insert a few capital letters randomly within the word. And remember, the longer the code the harder it is to crack. Finally, if you add a few random characters to the mix, your password becomes even harder to guess.

For example, say your pet turtles’ names are Samuel and Melody. Following these simple rules, SamuelMelody could become #5aMu31m310Dy&.” That’s a hard password to hack.

Another good technique is what is called a passphrase. Instead of just a word or two, simply pick out a memorable phrase from something you like. A line from a favorite poem or anything else memorable, the more unique the better. Here is a line from a Christina Rossetti poem that would be a good example (except that now I have used it here it isn’t anymore). Don’t forget to run it together. “Theuplandflocksgrewstarvedandthinned.” Why is this good? Because length makes it much harder to crack a password.

Most cyber security expects would advise that you avoid using the same password for different accounts. That way, if someone does hack into your Twitter account, they won’t have access to your bank information and email account as well.

A technique combining everything we have done so far is to take some piece of the site name, like the last five letters of its name and combine them with your usual password in some way. Using the passphrase from above this might be after the first two words. Your password for facebook would then be “Theuplandebookflocksgrewstarvedandthinned” and for Yahoo it would be “Theuplandyahooflocksgrewstarvedandthinned”.

Some sites ask you various security questions to ensure you are really you. If you don’t use real answers for these questions, a hacker will have a tough time impersonating you.

For example, if you’re asked for your mother’s maiden name, select the name of your first pet instead. Keep in mind though, this only works if you keep that name a secret. In other words, don’t chat about Spot on Facebook.

Passwords are important for all your devices, too. If your laptop, phone, or tablet gets stolen, all your contacts and personal information could be easy to access.

Antivirus and Malware protection

In February 2015, The New York Times reported that a band of hackers stole hundreds of millions of dollars from over a hundred banks around the world. How did they manage such a theft? It was through simple malware, opened by unwitting bank employees.

Modern malware can not only record every single keystroke entered on a computer, but they can take screenshots as well. The cyber-bank robbers had the luxury of time, as they sat back and learned the intricate procedures of the banks involved.

On a smaller scale, what could a cybercriminal do with the personal information stored on your computer? Certainly, they could gather all your passwords and transfer money from your bank accounts into theirs. They would also be able to tap into any confidential client information, as well as other sensitive data.

So, how do you handle this threat?

Install anti-malware and anti-virus software on all your computer systems immediately! And be sure to update the software regularly to keep on top of any new advances in malware. Also, don’t open any attachments you receive from an unknown source.

Back up important files and documents

All your important information needs to be backed up. If your computer has a meltdown, or any other emergency occurs, and you don’t have your files backed up, it can be disastrous, particularly for a business.

The most secure method for backing up your files is to use an external drive in addition to a cloud system, so that all bases are covered. It also doesn’t hurt to put important files on a thumb drive or an alternate computer.

Some people purchase a fire-resistant safe for their hard drives, protecting the data from any mishap that might occur.

If your company has a server, you’ll need to take extra precautions to secure that system as well. Keep the door to the server room locked and change the password for the network monthly.

Keeping your building, assets, and computer systems secure doesn’t have to be time consuming or cumbersome. If you follow these few simple suggestions, you will avoid becoming an easy target and will keep your business safe.

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The Importance of Professional Event Security Services

Security Services By Professional Company

Professional security companies such as Eller Security provide a comprehensive package for event security. Eller Security deploys only the best security guards, trained to handle different scenarios, security guards can handle large crowds and keep them at manageable levels and can cooperate with the paramedics and police to bring situations under control. Security guards perform risk assessment, scanning all parts of an area to check for weak spots. Eller Security’s package entails many special responsibilities this includes assessing the area and guarding the entry and exit points to make sure no uninvited guests are allowed. Security guards from Eller can manage traffic issues and check bags to make sure no weapons are found. Very few security companies offer the sort of thorough and comprehensive event security package that Eller Security offers.

The Value Of Good Security

When it comes to planning events, many people spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars trying to make the event a success. However, they look to save money or restrict spending on the area most important for the party’s success: Security. The absence of good security can ruin an event that has taken a lot of time and resources to plan and should not be neglected by anyone. Many people have the mistaken impression that most security companies only provide generic services that barely add anything to the overall safety of the event. This is not the case, as many security companies provide specialized services that can be extremely beneficial to any client.

Follow our Step to step inquiry for more details regarding the security solutions offered by Eller Security.

Alternatively ,
Contact us on any of the following:
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