Tag: Mandela Day

Tag: Mandela Day

Eller Security brings colors to corners on Mandela Day.

Security companies are always on a tight schedule with ensuring that what matters is kept safe always.

Always means less time for some other things but other things, however, is not missing an opportunity to observe Mandela Day this year.

This was the first opportunity for Eller Security to observe the 67 minutes on Mandela day by embracing the values of Nelson Mandela to do good.

Eller Security representatives were in Kliptown Johannesburg to add some color and newness to some areas of the site.

Also in Pretoria, representatives were at the Tshwane Rehabilitation center, to assist with adding new life to the facility rooms.

The rehabilitation center staffs were so happy with the tenacity and hard work put into making the facility look new and fresh.

“Your 67 minutes input and more is appreciated, and we are so happy, the walls are looking nice and done well, thanks to Mandela day and you all,” says one of the senior sister at the rehab center.

Colors have a way of enhancing moods and bringing some vibrancy into different spaces, this is what inspired the painting activity that was observed for this year Mandela day.

As a security company, every day is Mandela day, as we protect lives and ensure that individual privacy and security is upheld. However, this is a very good event to observe and one that the company would ensure is observed on a yearly basis and when randomly possible.

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