Reasons why you need to get an escort

We are conscious of the security concerns of Very Important Persons (VIP) because of their statuses and importance. Dealing with overwhelming security risk that comes with the presence of VIPs, we offer special protection for celebrities, Heads of State or Government, major business leaders, politicians, high profile individuals and politically-exposed families of public servants and other important persons who require special protection.

The provision of close protection is one of our areas of competence. We have a special team of well-motivated and fit-for-purpose personnel with extensive close protection experiences available for deployment for such specialized services. This crack team is made of people of high intelligence, confidence, ethics, and discipline, modesty, reliability, alertness, good nature, well groomed and well spoken with keen-eyed disposition to all assignments.

They are adequately schooled in surveillance awareness, medical assistance or first-aid, Law and Legislation, currency handling, protocol, operational planning, threat and risk assessment, crowd control, communication and conflict management skills, Interpersonal skills, firearm skills, chauffeuring and navigation in different means of transportation as well as streetwise to cope in whatever circumstance. They provide finest treatment with premium dedication in specialized Meet and Greet services available to our clients with top-notch professionalism. Our representatives provide air-side assistance by meeting VIPs at the arrival and departure lounges and provide support through customs and immigration for passport clearance and luggage collection from airline and airport authorities to avoid inconveniences and security threats in crowded terminals.

Our escort service can reduce your insurance premiums and ensure the well being of your team. In circumstances where no alternative means of secure movement is available and you have concerns, you can rely on our eagle-eyed escort team of man and machine to take you safely to your destinations. Our Officers also provide assistance with visits to unmanned locations and other sites where employees may be at risk. We dispense these functions with a keen interest in the safety of mankind on utmost confidentiality.

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