Eller security celebrates its first year end event

On the 31st of March this year, Eller Family woke up to shocking news of the passing of Mr. Dumisane who was a Security officer at Stanley Park, The Parks, Oakdene.

The incident took place in the early hours of the morning, when a tenant from Block 1, Room 5 named Mr. Ronnie who was reported by the security official on duty to have approached the security room. He requested money from the security operatives on duty but they were unable to assist him.

The tenant, then got aggravated and started insulting the security officers. Mr. Ronnie after a few minutes of insulting and screaming at the officers then left and proceeded to his block.

Mr. Ronnie at this time was seen to be either intoxicated or under the influence of some substance as he seems irrational. Afterwards, Mr. Mondi went on his rotational patrol.

When Security operative, Mr. Mondi finished his patrol and arrived at the control room, Mr. Ronnie was back and arguing with Dumisani. He came back after Mr. Mondi had left the control room to ask Dumisani to make use of the control room communication equipment. Dumisani declined and this led to another screaming and insults from Mr. Ronnie.

After some minutes of insulting and screaming, Mr. Ronnie left to his block again. It was dumisani’s turn to patrol, so he left to patrol. Mr. Mondi decided to go with Mr. Dumisani on the patrol, as they were worried he might come again.

On patrolling, they saw Mr. Ronnie hiding by the area of Block 2, and they were attacked with an Arabian dagga (knife), Mr. Mondi ran to the control room as Mr. Dumisani tried to suppress Mr. Ronnie.

On arrival at the control room, Mr. Mondi called the control center and alerted the security head about the situation and requested SAPS assistance.

Mr. Dumisani, came running back and told Mr. Mondi that he has been stabbed, He sat on the chair as Mr. Mondi pushed the Panic button for assistance. Dumisani was ambushed by the tenant who was hiding around block 2 during the time Dumisani was during his routine patrol. The injury sustained by Dumsani were internal, a deep laceration with an Arabian dagger to the left lower abdomen area and he passed on before help arrived.

Mr. Dumisani fell off the chair and Mr. Mondi tried to get him conscious but it was too late, Mr. Dumisani was dead. The police came 5 minutes later, arrested Mr. Ronnie and later found the weapon used to kill Mr. Dumisani hidden by the mother of the suspect in his apartment.

The funeral was held in Kwazulu-Natal, Melmoth area where he was born and bred. Eller Security Officers were there to bury their colleague with honour.

“Eller Family would like to offer its condolences to the family and friends of Mr Dumisane whom we are very proud to say he went all out and served the company with honour and dignity. No one is going to fill his big shoes” Concluded Mr Lerry, the Managing Director of Eller Security Services.

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