The familiar tactics of the secular world has made many skeptical about filling their name in any form of booklet. It is an habit that was developed due to the experiences that some have being through because of random information submissions.

So it is easy to want to ignore or avoid filling our names or even leaving our identity document at security posts, check points and highly protected facility docks.

In case you are in the list of people who are anti social to security officials or personnel trying to capture your information, then you might want to reconsider and give informations when needed for the sake of these reasons.

Disaster Emergency

Reading about the attacks in Paris and beirut recently sent shock wave everywhere in the world about concerns of security and safety. In an emergency situation, roasters or registers are the first place rescuers look to do head counts. If your name is missing, no one would look for you.

Crime Iinvestigation

In case you are impersonated by a criminal or falsely arrested, you can prove your whereabouts during the time of the crime being investigated. In another case where there is a robbery or break in, you can easily be able to prove your presence at the scene and claim from the insurers.

Contact possibilities 

If you misplaced your property or personal things, if found. It would be easy for the authority to contact you and get your stuffs to you. Also is the case of misplaced contact, the business or individual seeking you can always get your number from the security point.

So stay safe and already remember to register your details always, you never know when you will need a solid alibi. You might also want to read about the article : South Africa has eyes in the skies, know where for safety reasons.

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