Smartphone is a trend. And it has become a trend due to the simplicity it offers. It is a unique privilege to carry a device in your pocket that can help you in any aspect of your life by simply touching some buttons and downloading some applications. Guard tour applications can also facilitate the daily job of a security guard, converting him to a “mobile security guard”. The guards can execute guard tours and communicate with the managing staff by means of mobile technology and by using simple guard tour applications on their smartphone. They can stay connected with any event and transmit immediately any information regarding the guard tour, accelerating the procedures and improving the growth rate and productivity of the company.

4. Use security patrol management software to increase your officers security – not only thinking of security guard tracking

Security companies should be able to monitor their guards but also make easier their daily life. That means that the establishment of a guard tour monitoring software should not be treated as a “big brother” for the guards that may cause suspicions regarding their working environment. Security guard tracking systems should mainly focus on increasing guards’ security level during their security patrols. The guards should realize that a guard monitoring system will offer them the possibility to send immediate alerts in case of a danger and that they are not alone during their security patrols. Additionally, the managing staff can get real-time notifications (via images, sound or voice messages) respecting each guards’ situation and get information about the problems occurring or action needed to be taken so as to ensure security for both assets and staff.

5. Arm security guards with all necessary security equipment and motivate them

Successful security services rely on both company’s organizational infrastructure and guards’ abilities and productivity. Each security company which focuses on guard tour protection should invest on its guards, arming them with all the necessary security guard equipment and motivating them so as to increase their daily efficiency and ensure for the security of assets (buildings and areas). The security guards know better than anyone else about the problems of a specific guarded area or building and are the people who will transmit this information to the managing staff.