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Selecting the right IP Camera for you

IP cameras are very popular in video data capture and processing. IP stands for Internet Protocol, but these electronic devices are more popular as network cameras, webcams, or CCTV cameras. They are used in homes, offices, vehicles, and public places. IP cameras come in basic units, right up to complex multi-channel security systems with advanced […]

Eller Foundation – Safer Project

Eller Security, South Africa’s corporate social investments spend is divided between focused flagship projects and community-based projects in four key areas: community education, skills and development, care, and social development. Within the South African context, corporate social investment has a pivotal role to play in bringing about meaningful transformation to the benefit of all.  The [...]

Reasons to invest in Surveillance at the Workplace

Efficient Time Management Surveillance in the work environment can improve productivity. The data collected regarding employees’ computer use, for example, can help employers migrate the time employees spend on non-work browsing and emailing to more productive uses. Specific knowledge, gleaned through computer monitoring software, gives employers the ability to institute policies that focus on problem […]

Improving your Home Security

How to Improve Home Security While You’re Away: The typical family spends an average of 6-10 hours away from home every day. Kids are at school, parents are working, and the house is empty. On top of that, there are vacations, holiday trips, and other miscellaneous events that will take you out of your home […]

Reasons why you need to get an escort

We are conscious of the security concerns of Very Important Persons (VIP) because of their statuses and importance. Dealing with overwhelming security risk that comes with the presence of VIPs, we offer special protection for celebrities, Heads of State or Government, major business leaders, politicians, high profile individuals and politically-exposed families of public servants and […]

Growing need for thorough corpotate investigation

  In today’s complex work environment, it is almost inevitable that employers will face the need to conduct a workplace investigation at some point in time. A thorough investigation will uncover the truth behind an allegation, determine the most appropriate response, and help mitigate the risk of an employment lawsuit. What is a Workplace Investigation? […]

Why choose Eller Security

We believe Safety cannot be left to chance, which is why our company is a proud frontier in offering superior safety solutions. Our services not only allow us the opportunity to keep our clients assets and lives safe, but also contributes to the goal of a free and safe South Africa. For over the years, […]

Safety of your business is our business

  Securing your office space As the owner of your business you probably also wear the hat of chief security officer. As such, it’s important to keep the Boy Scout motto in mind and always “Be Prepared!” If you use common sense and a little planning, you can keep yourself and your business safe. One […]

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