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Tips to prevent being a victim of fraud at an ATM

ATMs are the most convenient way for people to access their cash, and it is not unusual for the industry to experience peaked ATM usages during periods such as these. Unfortunately, our experience is that it is also around these busy periods when criminal elements increase their attempts to defraud unsuspecting bank clients. While all […]

Eller Security brings colors to corners on Mandela Day.

Security companies are always on a tight schedule with ensuring that what matters is kept safe always. Always means less time for some other things but other things, however, is not missing an opportunity to observe Mandela Day this year. This was the first opportunity for Eller Security to observe the 67 minutes on Mandela […]

Domestic Violence: Avoid Being part of the statistics

The tragedy and numerous reports of domestic violence situation is impossible to quantify. There is both a sordid history and an ongoing crisis; a crisis that has become normalized. Since 2000, approximately more than 20,000 women have been murdered by domestic partners, or “family terrorists”. Some of these abuses were reported earlier and some were […]

Eller Security is investing in technological security

Security can become more productive, if adequate investment is geared towards it. investment is channeled through different organizational department but the most important is security. This department ensures the safety and usefulness of all other resources. People invest in new technology to primarily enhance productivity. However such investment will not be optimized if the full […]

Know when and where to increase security

The world is becoming a dangerous place. In a single day, there are multiple crimes committed across cities in South Africa. These crimes can range from theft to vandalism to murder. Whether you are a local retail store, warehouse or commercial building, all business must take the security of their location seriously. Many business owners […]

5 tips for successful security patrol

Taking into account that over 7.5 million guard tours are executed every day, it’s easy to realize the importance of structuring a methodology behind each one, so as to get the most regarding security and efficiency. Struggling to manage all the stuff and get things done by overcoming obstacles and daily malfunctions? Try to incorporate […]

#101 tips on commercial break-in prevention

Most criminals are opportunists. Either the victim himself or the victim acting unwittingly in response to a stimulus created by the criminal may create opportunity. A business door being left unlocked after closing is an example of the victim creating the opportunity. On the other hand, the act of armed robbery exemplifies a response-created opportunity. […]

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